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10th Jan 2017, 12:43 PM

LJ Phillips

Once upon a time, Hector Straymond was the Coven's Heir apparent. The adopted son of the Supreme Alpha, "he" was an Alpha's Alpha who could out-drink, out-fight and out-fuck any Skin on the island. "He" was also desperately unhappy.

On the Coven, "he" was a tough soldier and the perfect son. But weekends on the Krag allowed Hector to snatch a few precious hours as Hedwig, the woman she was always meant to be. Thanks to Sias potion, Hedwig could achieve an almost complete gender flip.

When the secret came out, Hedwig's adoptive father was less than sympathic. Losing her job, home and friends came with only one compensation - she got to live full-time as a woman.

Chuck was devastated when he found out that Hector was really Hedwig. You can imagine how an over-macho jackass like Chuck reacted.

Notes: Like all Skins, Hedwig has regenerative abilities. Sadly, these work against her in some ways. Skin are resistent to all forms of hormone treatment and surgery is useless - they just regenerate. Surgery with silver implements is out - the Skin would either die of shock during the operation or the flesh would likely putrify after the surgery.

Luckily Sias allows Hedwig to live as a woman even though she retains her original male plumbing. Hedwig doesn't like that part of herself and it doesn't use it in bed. But at least she can make jokes about it.

Beryl is one of her best friends and lovers. Beryl, despite being a very femme guy, does like girls in general and Hedwig in particular.

When describing Hedwig's time as Hector, I use "he." No, I'm not misgendering her, simply referring to her by the gender she lived as at the time. Back when she was Hector, she used male pronouns on the Coven island and everyone thought of her as male.

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