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Face Painting

Face Painting
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22nd Jan 2017, 2:15 AM

LJ Phillips

Beryl gets very jealous of Skoll's relationship with Hedwig. So he's not above sneaking in and performing a little "face painting" on a bound and hooded Skoll.

Skoll finds it more intrusive than amusing but Hedwig's likely to laugh it off and then reprimand Beryl in private.

Notes: Beryl does things like this in the expectation that Hedwig will punish him later. It's also his way of diverting her attention back to him. When he's called out for interrupting someone else's playtime with her, he's all big eyes and innocence.

It's the same when he acts bratty around other people in order to illicit a response from them. It's not the done thing. Of course, he's always oh-so-sorry when he's told off.

Beryl's never explicit or in your face. Even when he's caught acting out, the little ogre always projects an air of butter-wouldn't-melt-in-his-mouth pseudo-innocence.

Although Rabbit shares Beryl's sense of mischief, Rabbit doesn't try include non-consenting parties in his roleplay.

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